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Women's Fitness
by petechons

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The benefits of lifting weights – also called weight training, weight training or resistance training – should strengthen muscles, a stronger heart, a lot more natural light, longer life and a body better able to meet their needs and daily activities. However, women still tend to move away from this beneficial form of exercise.

Ladies, do the simple idea of weightlifting scare you?

“I do not want to lift weights because I make too big and bulky.” How many of you this, have never tried weight training?

It seems that much of man’s dreams of having large, bulky muscles. Why is it then that men whose bodies naturally contain much higher amounts of testosterone and growth hormone, weight lifting without being big and bulky?

It’s true! If not complemented by hazardous and unhealthy or similar steroids, most men are not naturally mostly by lifting weights regularly. And even the majority of women.

The idea that women are becoming big muscles, weight training ugly is a complete mistake.

The fact is that women should lift weights to achieve thin bodies, sculpted, who dream of having.If a woman happens to have the genetic predisposition to lose quickly, there are easy ways to modify a workout to avoid this extra muscle size while increasing strength and burning fat fast.

The idea that weightlifting causes large accumulation of muscle is largely a creation of the media. It is true that some women weightlifters on steroids and hormones do not make them look very masculine. The average female weight training, however, receive only a lean and healthy, without adding unwanted muscle mass.

Let’s start by discussing the basics of weight training …

Weight training involves lifting control and weight training. Two basic conditions related to weight lifting “representative” and “set”. A spokesman described the whole act of lifting and lowering a weight in a single act of practice. One set describes the number of times that a special representative is made.

For example, when a person five representatives of squatting and down and get up to five times continuously, before stopping and either switch to another exercise or complete their education. These five would sit as a whole. A balanced training includes several series of different exercises.

Its purpose is as a beginner, intermediate lifter, advanced must exhaust the muscles as quickly as possible – which means simply that when you lift a weight you lift a weight heavy enough to exhaust your muscles will not do 10 to 15 repetitions.

And this model is to exercise three days a week – with at least 24 hours rest after each workout.

Now I will share with you an exercise, in principle, that many commercial fitness “buff” I hate to say it, because this exercise alone will do more for her body nearly a year in everything – so it is completely useless for ever buy another exercise gadget television late at night ever.

Before sharing with you, I have to give a quick warning … This exercise should be done (at least initially), under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer, to learn the correct way to use during movement.

This exercise will work every muscle in your body and can do in the privacy of your own home without any kind of video equipment or expensive luxury.

In fact, this year a foundation of basic exercises and will solve your internal heating system to burn more calories during the day than any other year we’ve tested (if well done).

This is called the dead lift and this is how you do for maximum fat loss and body sculpting …


Flat feet and placed a little wider than shoulder width with toes pointing slightly outward.

Squat down with hips lower than shoulders and grasp the weight lifting bar (or a small object) … at first I suggest you use a little extra weight, so when you bend over for a drink, use a book or something that is small and lightweight – only to help balance.

Place your hands on the bar (or whatever you choose to raise) a little less than shoulder width, inside of the knees and elbows fully extended. Place the bar about 1 inch in front of the shins and soles of the feet.

Upward movement

Lift the barbell from the floor by extending hips and knees.
Maintain an erection and your back flat at all times.
Keep elbows fully extended.
Keep the bar close to shins as possible without touching or scraping.
When the bar passes the knees move the hips forward.
Keep your body straight to the point of full knee and hip extension.


Allow the hips and knees to bend the bar down slowly in soil.
Repeat until the movement ended with the whole.

Now this may seem a bit confusing the first time I’ve read many – but once you practice a day or two, the movement will become second nature to you and you begin to feel and see results quickly.

Remember that each new year comes a little pain, so start slowly and gradually increase the intensity.

Ladies, I encourage you: Let go of your preconceived notions about weight training. Do not be afraid. Embrace your potential to lift weights! It makes a lot more of it to spend hours on this piece of cardio equipment alone.

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