What are some centers for women’s health/family planning?

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by Christiana Care

Question by fakebobjones: What are some centers for women’s health/family planning?
I am looking to get involved and volunteer with an organization that does outreach work for family planning and women’s reproductive health/rights but am having trouble locating one. I am looking for organizations that are NGO’s and may have a more liberal outlook on women’s reproductive rights than a government-sponsored organization.

I am in Metro Manila……..

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Answer by rebecca d
Well i dont really know what some of the terminology that you used, but i volunteer for Planned Parenthood…. they have an very imformative web site with all the links that you would need including a volunteer application. You can choose how often you would like to volunteer and they type of events that youre interested in volunteering for! I like planned parenthood because i actually am a patient there and theyre all for YOU making any and all decisions necessary and theyre very non judgemental!! its a really good organizatin and i highly reccomend them! GOOD LUCK… and remember no matter WHO you volunteer for and what they believe in, youre changing someones life for the better, and doing something that not everyone has the heart to do! Have fun and happy hunting!

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