What are some good jobs for people with Down Syndrome?

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Question from Justin N: are some good jobs for Down syndrome? People that I have a baby sister (4 years). E ‘unfortunately Down syndrome. I’m worried about his future and what may happen to her. I want to succeed despite his disability. There is a job that can be easy for her? Please do not be an idiot with your answer answer. Best:

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Publix. They always hire people who are disabled

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  1. noloverofconservatives  

    At 4, she is very young to determine what jobs will be suitable for her. However, as she grows, see what skills she develops and where her interests lie. Many DS folks do a variety of jobs. Some work in grocery stores, others in restaurants, movie theaters as ushers, book stores, clothing stores, etc. I worked with a young woman with Down Syndrome who read so well that she got a job as a filing clerk in a state health department. So there will be many opportunities for your sister as she gets older. Great that she has a supportive sibling and family as well. Keep encouraging her to be all that she can be.

  2. Joe  

    I remember in highschool economics class the teacher told us that the local government in NY has a system in place where people with disabilities are sent to special schools and trained to do simple jobs to the best of their abilities, like school crossing guards etc.

    There are ways, you just need to start with your unemployment office, keep asking around little by little you will find out what you need for her and If you start now, I guarantee success, so dont rush, just ask around, look for anything related to Down syndrome education and that should be a good starting point.

    One can identify children with Down syndrome by observing their facial profile. They have slanting eyes and a flattened face. They are not mentally retarded, even if they may appear to be so, by their facial features. Many children with this defect are known to have great academic records. Most children with Down syndrome find it difficult to focus their eyes, and they have to live with these eye defects forever. They may also have hearing problem.

    So its not to bad, just takes a little bit more work to find out what she likes and what things she will learn to be good at doing and thats whats gonna eventually give her a normal life.

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