What are the natural resources of labor and natural remedies do not work?

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Kristal Q: What are natural remedies and natural remedies that work does not work: it seems that everyone these days is natural and natural resource use instead of synthetic drugs to prevent and treat a variety of diseases Pests and dogs. Have you tried any of these remedies? What worked and what did not? Best response:

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lavender plant in your garden can deter fleas from your yard. We had a bad infestation when we moved into our new place. This was the house, but could not leave the court. bushes of lavender planted at each corner and now we are free of chips (which still use prevention against fleas month too thick) could be coincidence, but it worked for us! Another who worked for one of my friends whos dog having seizures beans fed every day. Sounds crazy, but she weaned the drug that has been in the grain and fed every day and did not have a crisis of a year.

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  1. bbgirl  

    I have found garlic a natural worm deterrent

  2. Queen Of Spades-->  

    I have used an array of Amber Technology products on my dogs and bird and its worked a lot better then any vet care i’ve delt with. I’ve also had many people tell me it has done wonders for their dog, (cat, bird, reptiles, llamas ect) as well. Its herbal products and they’ve been around for over 12 years. They have the best treatment for Parvo (parvaid), and they have stuff for seizures, kidney failure, parasites, you name it they have something for it.

    If you don’t belive me then you can search the web for Amber Technology products and get more insight that way.

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