What are the worst cases of dental problems you’ve seen due to smoking?

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dental problems
by Nealy-J

Question by shantal h: What are the worst cases of dental problems you’ve seen due to smoking?
Since tobacco effect the mouth as well as other body parts what are the worst cases of dental issues you’ve ever seen from a smoker? What did the mouth look like? Did it smell bad?

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Answer by DeNae
Well, what happens is the mouth turns acidic and it wears down the enamel…and sometimes when someone needs a ciggarette they grind their teeth, then they get a crack, then a cavity forms in the crack, and they cannot afford to see a dentist so they let the cavity go until it rots the jawbone out (it eventually turns into gangrine)

then they have to spend about three thousand on a root canal and a cap

The mouth will always smell bad when there is a cavity

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  1. peaches6  

    Well, my father smoked for years and hadn’t been to the dentist in 14 years. When he finally went, he didn’t have any cavities but his teeth were discolored from smoking(noting bleaching couldn’t fix). He had to have ALL his teeth removed because from years of smoking his gums were diseased. No one else in my family smokes. Good Luck!

  2. Rokr♥  

    1st. You teeth turn very yellow or even black
    2nd you always smell bad
    3rd chewing tobacco can kill you. There are tiny pieces of metal that can get into you bloodstream.

  3. makushin  

    Oral cancer.

  4. hammyysu1  

    The biggest issue with smoking and the mouth is periodontal disease (gum disease). Smokers have a much higher risk of developing this. Unfortunately gum disease does not hurt so people have it and it goes untreated for many years if you go without seeing a dentist and if you go many years without going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned, it will worsen the condition. When you have gum disease, you actually lose bone level. So eventually the teeth become loose and can result in tooth loss. Other dental problems include staining of teeth, bad breath and of course an increased risk of oral cancer.

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