What do you think about the Cancer horoscope?

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cancer horoscope
by Rankin Miss

Question by Kaley: What do you think about the Cancer horoscope?
Anything you would like to add about Cancers, like, dislike.

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Answer by black snow
cancers are calm and caring but don’t take crap. you gotta respect that.

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  1. X-asdf_qwer?!-X  

    I like Cancers. One of my best friends are one. I’ve noticed that Cancers are really laid back and calm…She’s not like the stereotype of Cancers how all of them cry a lot. She’s kinda tomboyish and likes rock music. It’s cool to hang out with her.

  2. N e l l a y = )  

    im a cancer..:D

  3. Marie  

    I love the Cancer sign. I am a scorpio, so I would say that. There is just something about them that I am drawn to. They are very homey and sensitive in my experience, but that doesn’t bother me because they are also very loyal. When they do something nice for you they mean it, and are very helpful always. In my experience they are also fairly intelligent. The only negative I have is they’re feelings get hurt too fast, but I am pretty good at dealing with that so it’s no big turn off.

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