What is the chance of dying from lung cancer?

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Question by Rozaღ: What is the chance of dying from lung cancer?
it’s for a school project and i need to know what the chances are for dying of lung cancer. how likely is it that the patient wont survive?
well, for you information, Nado Lax, i DID try google which is why i am asking on yahoo.

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  1. Nado Lax  

    try google, it’s really not that freaking hard.


    I found 3 results that plainly stated the statistics.

  2. Matthew Maplewood  

    1.1% if you do not smoke, 5.5% if you smoke, 10% if you have breathing problems and smoke

  3. ginger  

    If you smoke, just look on the internet and see what your lungs look like, then you will see that for those who smoke, the risk is much higher. I’m not trying to be rude, just telling the facts.

  4. onlymatch4u  

    If you look at statistics for Lung cancer, you will find that it is one of three specific diseases that chemotherapy does not work on. Out of 20,741 cases of Lung cancer (people older than 20 years old) that got chemotherapy for it, only 410 people survived more than 5 years. That is about 2% success. That is using ABSOLUTE numbers, not the typical RELATIVE numbers that are used to manipulate data to show better results.

    In most cases, getting chemotherapy for Lung cancer speeds up the death process rather than the opposite effect. Chemo tears down the body’s immune system and basically destroys the ability to heal. Cancer is the only disease that has redefined “CURE” for a disease. It is now an accepted phrase to say, “He is in remission.” Then they put a 5 year survival rate as part of the definition and tell people to get an early diagnosis. This sounds very caring and is a good idea to get the early diagnosis, but cleverly they now put as part of the definition of this “Remission” of 5 years to start the clock on the day you are diagnosed. So the earlier you are diagnosed, the more chance you have of surviving more than 5 years. Since we know it takes about 10 years to get to the point where cancer has been growing in a person to be diagnosed, the sooner you are diagnosed, the better 5 year survival you will have.

    All this is marketing fluff that wants to deceive the real numbers. Another clever technique that is being used in many so called “scientific studies” is the Absolute vs. Relative numbers. If take 100 people and assume 2 will get cancer in a study that shows statistically this is what happens and then you subject them to cancer treatments and only 1 dies, you can now claim the relative number of 49% success of that drug. That is a relative number. All this manipulation of data is to prove the success of BAD SCIENCE and to raise large sums of money for this bad science. Over 100 years of research on cancer has now given us a success of 2.1% in the U.S. using chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Since a clinical trial uses 30% as the determining factor as to whether or not a drug is successful, it seems that current cancer treatments are far less than a sugar pill (placebo). That my friend is NOT success.

    So your chances of survival if you opt to get treated is less than 2% for a 5 year survival rate. If you don’t get treated, your chances are better, but that is not an easy number to come up with.

    good luck to you

  5. Mahendra  

    One person dies of lung cancer every 15 minutes in the uk.

  6. Amaretta  

    It depends on what type of lung cancer you have and how early it is discovered. You can find the numbers here:


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