What is the difference between sight tests at different locations?

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Freakazoid question: the difference between the different vision exams? Whats places I go to a store and they charge 0 for a review of the vision. Another it offers. A small shop at the mall it offers for glasses. What is the difference between the Best answer?:

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Everything depends on the doctor and how examinations are administered. If the examination fee, but you only see the doctor for 5 minutes or if the doctor does a poor job, which might not be a bargain after all.

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  1. Lucy Blue  

    The more expensive one may be an opthamologist rather than an optometrist.
    An opthamologist is a doctor, has more training and is more thorough.

  2. Ricke  

    The price of the examination is totally dependent on how much the doctor wants to charge for it. There is no set fee schedule for any medical services, fee schedule are set by the place that you go to, and that’s it.

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