What kills you when you get pancreatic cancer?

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by pntphoto

Jonathan R question: What exactly is killing when you get pancreatic cancer Best? Have been looking everywhere for what eventually kills you in pancreatic cancer, but I can find no answer.:

Answer by Mandi *
the cancer itself! My fater died of cancer fromthe. This is one of the worst cancers to have: * (

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  1. lrd00a  

    It’s complex, because it may not be just one reason.

    One obvious reason, for any cancer is that it can make you weak and cachetic, and decrease your immune system, leaving you susceptible to opportunistic infections, which kill you. In Pancreatic CA, the tumor often spreads before operation is possible

  2. Dogbreath  

    The trouble with pancreatic cancer is that it is not noticeable in its early stages. By the time it is diagnosed it has usually spread to the liver and other vital organs.

  3. ncbound  

    my sister died from this cancer on 4/20… depending on where you have it ( the head or the tail of the pancreas ) it varies.

    basically all the bile and toxins went into her blood stream and killed her. she was not in pain… ( that is the trouble with this cancer )
    and she died very peaceful.

  4. ketchikan_chick  

    My mother passed last week from pancreatic cancer. The best I can tell, she basically starved to death. When they put her on the Creon (enzymes for digestion) she seemed to gain a bit of weight back, but then the tumor grew into her intestine and blocked off her ability to digest completely. She had an NG tube inserted into her belly and anything that went in, had to be able to come out through the tube. She had a bile backup in her stomach that caused massive vomiting and discomfort which is why she had to have the NG tube put in. Then, her poor little body gave out and she died. I’m so heartbroken.
    I think it depends on the person what causes their demise. I’m sure it varies depending on the location of the tumor, how far its metasted as well as other factors.

  5. Yagen P  

    It depends on whether the cancer has spread. In general, cancers kill because the tumors grow non-stop, until they disrupt the functions of normal organs.

    There’s an explanation at http://www.cancerdoubts.com

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