What types of jobs or careers are good for a “cancer sign”?

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cancer sign
by postbear

Question by CoooooCoooo for CrazyPillsssss!!: What types of jobs or careers are good for a “cancer sign”?
What types of jobs of careers are good or suiting for a cancer? What would you recommend?

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Answer by Doctor Foo
a crazy person is a good career for a cancer. my mom is one

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  1. Sharon R  


    Loyal, reliable and trustworthy, you’re committed to accomplishing your goals this year. In the early months, you will be very energized by your job and you’ll be appreciated for your hard efforts and high standards. You have an abundant amount of energy to focus on mundane details and are capable of enormous output. Materially, you are likely to do well in 2007. New projects at work are apt to be rewarded with great financial gain. Verbal communication is more important than usual and you become interested in what others think. Say exactly what’s on your mind because you’ll do best when you expand your perceptions and exchange ideas with others.

    You possess high energy and have a tremendous desire to help others, so a career in health and caretaking would suit you well. You also enjoy the power of regeneration when you work on your own issues. You are determined and can turn small advantages into success over time. People like your practical and responsible view of life.

    You will be outwardly focused this year, and have a desire to offer your gifts to the world in new ways. As such, you are a wonderful inspiration to your co-workers. During the springtime, you may have the urge to recreate yourself. Start a new project that will satisfy you. You have a strong motivation toward success so that you may realize your true source of personal power. Around the middle of the year, your focus will shift away from your earning power and more toward how you are communicating with others.

  2. Riley's Mom  

    Compassionate and perceptive, Crabs do best in nurturing professions. Social work, gardening and child care are all natural fits for this sign. Cancers are natural money-makers and do well as bond traders, bank executives and stock portfolio managers. Members of this sign also work well in human resources, as they are discreet, trustworthy and tactful. Their executive ability is considerable.

  3. =9_ O_O_D=_=3_=P  

    Well my friend is a cancer and she is really caring for others, so i would suggest ;teaching,nursing or anything having to do with helping others. ♥

  4. Young Wiccan  

    Photography, banking, cooking, any business, stay-at-home mother or father (as long as his/her spouse has a good job), daycare worker, teacher, anything that will please his/her mother.

  5. Zahra S  

    Teacher!My mom is cancer and a math teacher!

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