Who is willing to put a life of a loved martial arts to keep?

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STXSambodog question: Who is ready Martial place to preserve a life might be a martial art be? I am curious if anyone here seriously martial art that would like to point out they will remain poor for some works of art they are not destroyed pactice? You know, to dedicate your life to preserving the knowledge of a martial art when practitioners rarely so that they are dying out and try to win more supporters to art flourish again? Some good examples of people who are willing their lives for a martial art: Roger Lafond-This man has dedicated his life to the preservation of the slipper, if, after the 2nd World War II almost disappeared. When he was taken prisoner in a camp for German prisoners of war, he discovered that almost all practitioners of the art in the world died wars.He spent his time teaching Savate prisoners.Even when connected to a Nazi concentration camp, where he had to revise even was forced and did not get enough food for surrvival, his stubborn refusal to die can be prevented if savate caused him killed “poor health. and let him continue to teach art.After prisoners of war, he spent the rest of his life by building schools and savate teaching people the art of Savate. Sean Kim San-Man tries to preserve the Cambodian martial art mortal Bokator.Despite lose all of its students and families during the reign of the Khmer Martial Arts Rouge.The not even known in his native Cambodia. San Kim Sean is doing his best to the martial art (the Khmer Rouge tried to destroy) in Cambodia next again.He like a good life popular in the West go to Cambodia to try to preserve the martial art of his country. Panja Kraitus he had done his best to pave the way to preserve the Muay Thai was like before it was damaged and became a sport, where his pracitioners only care about money. Filipino Eskrima practitioners during the early occupation of Spain in the Philippines despite the fact that the Spanish prohibited indigenous art the Philippines and the death penalty on those caught practicing it, those brave artists have ventured their lives to preserve the Filipino martial arts come to be known as Eskrima reaction best.:

Answer by Arty
All the examples you gave are people dedicated to what they like and have high moral character sufficient to money should not really what matters in life to make. you must realize that the “decent life” is the heart of the beholder, then some people are really willing to sacrifice to achieve in life, what is important to make.

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  1. nwohioguy  

    I already have and will do it again…but just to teach a good classical system and run a good traditional dojo. I walked away from a $200K + per year job at Best Buy when my dojo began suffering due to my absence. I now teach full time barely clearing enough to pay my bills…BUT

    I AM MUCH HAPPIER IN MY LIFE AGAIN now that I am teaching full time. Screw material things. I just want to teach Karate :)

  2. Meep Zorp  

    And don’t forget Nanook Umglub – the savior of the Eskimo martial art of thumb wrestling!

  3. pugpaws2  

    Good question. I began my Ma training in 1967 at the age of 13. It quickly became an obsession. I studied Mechanical Engineering in college. I left college just before graduating to run my dojo full time. Although I held a few jobs to fill my financial needs I was basically a full time instructor from 1973 until late 1997. Since then I have continued to teach a few hand selected students. Now at 55-1/2 I am retired and teach a few student privately and travel to tech seminars. I only made good money teaching the last few years I owned a dojo. So I guess if anyone cane qualify for what you asked, I would be one of the top people.

    I have never heard of the people you mention in your description. I am not well known, but those that meet me want to learn from me. That includes some that have trained longer than I have. My worth is only what I can offer others. Many of my instructors continued to train me even though most of my life I could not pay for lessons. I always try to honor them by passing on what they have taught me. When I do I tell them who taught me the technique,…… Now at this stage in life, I wish that I had done something more profitable, but I’m proud that I did not sell out and become another McDojo. The temptation was strong, but I figured that if I sold out, My many years of hard training in legitimate arts would be a lie. If I had it to do over, I would have worked harder to have a regular income from a regular job. But I still would have spent as much time as I possibly could learning what I learned. Every time I wish I had gone for things that would have made me more money, I meet someone that would sell their soul to know what I know.

  4. Gerald  

    I am currently taught by a master here in ausitn for free. I intend to pass it on when the time comes. I will not charge the people who’s hearts are in the right place.

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