Why are smart kids on shows often depicted as having allergies, asthma, skin conditions and glasses?

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skin allergies
by pmarkham

Question by EB588: Why are smart kids on shows often depicted as having allergies, asthma, skin conditions and glasses?
I guess I don’t really need to elaborate on my question, but I noticed that on television, the smart children always seem to have problems with allergies, asthma, skin conditions, muscle weakness, etc. and wear thick glasses. Is there some implied correlation between auto-immune disorders and I.Q?

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Answer by &&loveyoumore
just a stereotype

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  1. Mr. Wiggins  

    I think it’s only if they’re trying to portray the character as a nerd. Often times smart characters are actually the main character, and are attractive and friendly.

  2. Jordan R  

    i guess they just think they are smart cause they are like the nerds back in the cartoons

  3. beetlemilk  

    Yes auto immune disorders do include IQ. It is a stereotype, but a pretty accurate one.

    I am dyslexic, have an epi pen and am gifted. I have tested betw 147-163

    My father is asperger’s and has seasonal allergies and an IQ measuring 158

    We are both mensa members, we both wear glasses. The brain is neurologically hard-wired a bit different, and some consider giftedness to be a neurological disorder. When you have one part of the brain functioning differently than most, chances are other areas will function differently as well.
    I have a toddler with eczema and low tone.
    I have a 7 yo with green eyes (1-2% of pop. has) and he is PDD
    I have a 33 month old PDD son who at 20 months was evaluated by psych and told us he has scattered abilities through 72months and never hit the ceiling (IQ range 130-170)

    I don’t remember where but I have read journal articles that discuss the gifted IQ as being an autoimmune disorder. I just searched it TONS come up
    IN my experience people start getting weird upwards of 130 (self included)

  4. robert b  

    i think that the reason they always give the smart kids asthma or something like that is so that average or below average people dont feel so bad.

    saying that someone that is really smart and also nice looking and has a good social life, is kind of like a kick in the pants for normal people who cant get all a’s or graduate high school a year early. normal people dont want to feel bad about themselves, so the people on the tv that are smarter than them get some sort of disfigurement to knock them down a peg.

  5. I don't love you  

    In my opinion, because of their condition, they are restricted from doing physical activities and what else do they do..Staying at home studying..that’s why they seems to be smart.

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