Why is it hard to quit?

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Stop smoking
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Why is it hard to quit?

Smoking caused one of the leading causes of death in the modern world. This is due to consumers more and more tobacco. Tobacco is responsible for the deaths of 1 in 10 adults worldwide, representing about 5 million deaths per year. It is this fact that cigarette smoking is now a public health priority.

Smoking is driven directly and indirectly to the public. represent an indirect public health problem can happen is that cigarette fire. In terms of health risks in smoking tobacco, the disease mainly hits the cardiovascular system, leading to a heart attack, respiratory diseases and even cancer.

Despite these risks, the number of smokers is everyone else in the world has not decreased significantly. Although some smokers will have given up this habit claim, they find it so hard. The fact is that after smoking for a while, smoking is very difficult but not impossible.

Why is it hard to quit?

First, because most smokers the nicotine in tobacco products addictive. Nicotine has a deadly power dependence. How? When a person puffs a cigarette, nicotine particles find their way into the lungs by inhalation. Therefore, nicotine in the bloodstream as men can breathe the oxygen absorbed. He moves with the blood to the brain where it locks certain receptor areas. Dopamine is then released into the brain. It is the chemical that makes the smoker a sense of euphoria. Smokers have difficulty leaving because they are depending on this good feeling. And wanted to experience what a sign of addiction to addiction.

A person trying to quit smoking may experience withdrawal symptoms leave. Topping the bill of withdrawal symptoms is depression. In the absence of the chemical that produces feelings of relaxation, the brain is easy. Other withdrawal symptoms of smoking:

Headache, dizziness and nausea
Shakes, chills
Dry cough-nasal drip throat
Hunger, fatigue
Constipation, gas or stomach pains
Insomnia, restless sleep

Not knowing what they do with their hands, another common complaint from ex-smokers, when you exit. Once people no longer get away, smoking becomes a big part of their lives. They seem to enjoy holding on to a pole cigarette and blew it. And after a long period of lighting, it becomes a routine. In fact, people are creatures of habit. By force of habit, smokers find themselves automatically grabbed for a cigarette and lighting, without thinking.

Certain “triggers” in the environment may impede the desire of a smoker to quit. Thus, the need for smoking a cigarette turn. These can be feelings, places and environments. Even things can trigger this routine request for a cigarette.

For those who have smoked for a while now realize they can not, but they form an emotional attachment to cigarettes. You can find the cigarette calming and comforting in these stressful times. Cigarette smoking somehow becomes an extension of their social life, especially when they emotionally to the highest or lowest. Giving the smoker a feeling that smoking cessation appears to fall to a trusted friend.

These are just some of the main reasons why it is difficult to quit smoking. But there are also several strategies and techniques that help smokers quit, to finally give up this habit can be tough. Smoking all begins with intention to quit. You must be willing to overcome the urge to smoke. There are many quit smoking products on the market. This may have sein.Selbsthilfegruppen well worth trying to be very useful.

Smokers must understand that quitting smoking can take more than one attempt. You must also try several methods before they finally succeed. Smoking is a stubborn habit because it is closely associated with measures in the daily lives of people.
Simply pay for serious concern, few questions.
1.The first thing you must consider is your body, be aware and need to stay healthy.
2.Secondly the decision to kill your enemy you kill.
3.Thirdly, the costs that smoking has caused for you. She spent a lot of this poison.
4.Lastly forget a past that will help you to be the fumer.Rappelez that nicotine is my enemy and kill me slowly.

quit with determination, commitment and a strategy to stop smoking is not excluded.

Nishanth Reddy is an author and editor of many health related websites. For more information and tips on how to stop smoking on his website:
Tips for quitting smoking

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