Why the decrease of biomass in the food pyramid?

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Question by Riirii x: Why the decline in biomass in the food pyramid better? As organisms grow larger as they move up the food pyramid, why biomass become smaller and why energy response decreases?:

Rajendra C response
Thermodyanmic law says that mass can be converted into energy or other mass with 100% efficiency. Part of it is lost as heat. As we move upwords of the food pyramid in every part of the nutrient level availble is lost as the need for energy and heat. Think about after the debate herbivores can increase the biomass to the near exhaustion of plant biomass. Here also the loss of nutrients occur in the energy requirements and heat. lower carnivores in the food pyramid can increase biomass to exhuation near herbivores. again the loss is there. Thus, at every level of the pyramid of food nutrients are lost in heat and power needs. This results in less biomass accumulation sucessively upwaord as we move from the food pyramid.

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