women’s health and alcohol abuse

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Articles on Women's Health
by Ricardo Francone

health of women and alcohol abuse

abuse of women’s health and alcohol â € “Your life is in danger!

July 16, 2009
Author: Chris Alexander

Alcohol abuse and women’s health

There are hundreds of discussions about alcohol and its abuse, but is specifically intended to affect the health of women due to alcohol consumption. Given the variety of diseases and conditions resulting from alcohol consumption among women who encouraged me to publish a specific article on this topic.

Alcohol Can men and women is likely to cause health risks. Conditions such as drunk driving, domestic violence and sexual assault are horrible faces alcohol abuse. Just doesnâ € ™ t stop the deterioration of health, but also those who seek to harm others due to uncontrolled behavior, as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

In the following paragraphs highlight the health risks caused by excessive alcohol consumption, especially among women. Alcohol has different effects on men and women. Even if we compare alcohol consumption between men and women of the same build, height and weight, the results show a great difference in their reactions to alcohol. And even among the same sex, the reactions do not match.

So what women should be considered?

Alcohol and the risk to women’s health

While both men and women suffer from health problems related to the nature of the health complications that are completely different.

* Alcohol during pregnancy â € “Women who drink alcohol during pregnancy run the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in their children. Although the risk of contracting the disease is a concern when the person is involved in the consumption excessive alcohol, the effects of moderate alcohol consumption is not excluded. Children with FAS often suffer mental and physical disabilities. This is totally avoidable and send to a problem child is nothing less than child abuse.
Calls alcohol * Cancer – While alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer of the mouth, esophagus, pharynx, larynx and liver in men, breast cancer is a feature of alcohol consumption among women dominant. Research shows that the chances of a woman under 25 years of contracting the disease in 1 in 15,000. With age the odds of cancer with alcohol to be.
* Diabetes and alcohol â € “Nearly 16 million Americans suffer from type 2 diabetes. Alcohol in moderation is said to reduce the risk of developing diabetes in women. With the research on 16,330 women in the age group 49-70 years, women who consumed alcohol on average are less likely to develop diabetes.
* Heart disease and alcohol â € “Despite the argument here is the abuse of alcohol, one wonders about the positive things about alcohol is presented here as a reference. It also indicates that alcohol helps cure disease when consumed in small quantities. Again, beware of a transition period should lead to health complications. Women who consume moderate amounts of alcohol has been run less risk of getting coronary heart disease (CHD) that women who abstained from alcohol. The alcohol also helps women of hypertension. ’s research from 7000 women over 8 years in the 20 to 40 years found that women who drank half a glass per day had 15% less likely to contract the disease. Once again, consuming more than 1.5 drinks per day increased the odds of developing hypertension.
* Alcohol and sexual assault – More than 30% of sexual assault occurs when the author is under the influence of alcohol and there are many cases where the victim was also intoxicated. Alcohol makes people lose control of his senses and is also one of the excuses cited by the defendant.
* Alcohol and memory loss – Drink alcohol in moderation, actually helps to improve concentration and performance in women and starts the deterioration when the dose increases, where the alcohol kills cells literally brain.Alcohol abuse increases the risk of dementia in older women.
* Alcohol and Osteoporosis â € “The consumption of alcohol reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis in women more than in moderation.

Supplement this post with more information, which is sure to help millions of people around the world.


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