Women’s Health issue :( help (10 points to best answer)?

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women health issues
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Question by Gab: Women’s Health issue help (10 points to best answer)?
I have been experiencing strange discharge in my vagina lately. It is yellow-ish and gooey/sticky (NOT chunky), and it smells like cheese, more like rotten cheese. its been happening for a couple weeks now. i am clean down there. i do not douche. i am not a virgin. i really have no symptoms besides a lot of that discharge (more than a normal amount, i have been wearing panty liners) and the smell of it. NO itching or burning. NO swollen-ness. nothing at all. what could this be?

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Answer by Jenzz
i would go get it checked out. that alone is a symptom worth going to see about

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  1. Caysters  

    Possibly and STD. Go in and get tested. You don’t have to be itchy, burning, or swollen to have an STD.

  2. Dana De lange  

    sounds like a bacterial infection to me. Go to a Dr. to get prescribed a medication to get rid of it.

  3. Fang Banger  

    Could be a yeast infection. Maybe a mild treatable STD. Try a douche and see a doctor.

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