Xenonics announces $ 1.3 million for the crew of the Army Order Served Weapon Light Systems

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Xenonics announces 0.3 million order for the crew of the Army Served Weapon Light Systems

9:44 GMT January 14, 2011 Carlsbad, California | Xenonics Holdings, Inc. announced yesterday it has received an order to buy the second Stryker Cavalry Regiment U.S. Army with an approximate value, 300,000 for Nighthunter Xenonics’ 3 high-intensity illumination devices and weapons and vehicles Nighthunter mounting kits. These systems are designed to be delivered this month.

“Xenonics is an approved provider of crew served weapons systems for the small army. Our mounting kits, which allow Nighthunter be securely mounted on a crew served weapon or vehicle or removed quickly for Use hand, expands the range of applications for our Nighthunter 3s, with significant potential for Xenonics, “said Chairman Alan Magerman.

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Nebraska football: Top 25 Performance Cornhusker 2010 season

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The Nebraska Cornhuskers’ last season as a member of the Big 12 Conference was interesting, to say the least.

Nebraska open all year as well, but ultimately struggled mid-season and found themselves in the midst of controversies and rumors as the year drew to a close.

This has not prevented several players have impressive performance in the three areas of the game.

Which players have scored their career in style?

Which has established its future with the Cornhuskers as a potential star?

Just how much respect Alex Henery will get it?

Season Stats: 9 TKL (6 solo), 2 PBU

Although statistics are far from Ciante opened my eyes, it’s athleticism and the talent he displayed as a rookie true that he gets recognition.

When Alfonzo Dennard suffered a concussion during the Cornhuskers’ game against Missouri last October, the Nebraska defensive staff Ciante threw into the fire.

“We knew it was a good player and has not hesitated to put it out there,” defensive coordinator Carl Pelin said the Lincoln Journal Star at the time.

Season Stats: 13 TKL (10 solo), 1 PBU, 1 INT

West was part of one of the best defensive backfields commissioned in Nebraska easily a decade.

The most remarkable thing about his play was that he only started one game for the Cornhuskers in 2010.

Knowledge veteran West Marvin Sanders teachings and expectations made him a superb substitute.

Season Stats: 38 TKL (17 solo), 3 INT, 1 PBU

Smith’s physical style has made him a natural in Nebraska’s secondary.

He tallied a career-high 11-tackles Cornhuskers’ loss to Texas and provided excellent support to the safety position.

Smith had a disappointing end to his season, have not been paid after 36 with two tackles in Nebraska’s first seven games. But its future shines.

“It sucks. But what I can do but continue to practice and let things take care of them,” Smith told the Lincoln Journal-Star.

Henry was critical of big-time performance of several Cornhuskers in 2010.

He helped the offense of Nebraska at its best performance of the season in four years.

Nebraska piled up 536 yards on offense and 49 points over Western Kentucky.

He also helped pave the way for his teammate Roy Helu, Jr. day record against Missouri.

“I was scared of Ricky Henry,” receiver Niles Paul told the Lincoln Journal-Star, recounting his football career school in Omaha, Nebraska.

Season Stats: 15 TKL (8 solo), 1 TFL, 1 SCK

Compton missed much of the 2010 season with a foot injury.

His absence has contributed to the rise of road Lavonte David.

Upon his return later this year, provided Compton play operation, but it was clear that David had supplanted all other linebackers as top dog.

If you have never watched a program or check the Cornhuskers’ file on the Internet, you never thought Jeremiah was a freshman redshirt lark.

That would explain his struggles against FBS competition.

But for most of the season, lark over his own place.

lark skills “were considered for use as a rookie true.

An injury has ensured that he would dedicate his first season at Nebraska, sitting apart, but it exceeded expectations in 2010.

Season Stats: 16 TKL (4 solo), 3 TFL, 1 SCK, 1 PBU, 1 FR

Moore came into the 2010 season battling for vacant seat next to Jared Crick Following graduation from Ndamukong Suh.

Although ultimately defeated by Baker Steinkuhler, Moore would relieve the starter on many occasions and shone brightly when he did.

Steinkuhler has been suspended for the Holiday Cup, which Moore starred in a game to potentially get even with Baker in the eyes of coaches.

Because of its growing end of the season, Moore will continue to battle for Steinkuhler the square in front of the return Crick.

Season Stats: 41 TKL (21 solo), 5 TFL, 1 SCK, 1 INT

Osborne made his first career start against Missouri and did not disappoint.

He tallied a career-high six tackles-, Blaine Gabbert quart Tiger adorned with a picture perfect face and helped keep the Missouri and 199 yards passing.

large size Osborne “6′3, 200 pounds makes him a likely candidate to start for Nebraska in their season opening Big Ten Conference.

Although not perfectly sized for the center position, Caputo played admirably supported for the deceased Jacob Hickman.

Caputo was able to cope with the position of power, positioning and impressive persistence.

He spent much of the season injured, as did Hickman in 2009 but did not let that diminish its impact, while anchoring the offensive line in Nebraska.

Season Stats:

By the way: 33-of-60, 340 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT

Rushing: 37 carries for 96 yards, 1 TD

It is likely that some fans should Cornhusker green to take the reins as the starting quarterback for Nebraska.

Martinez held and possible demotion Green left some stunned, but it in stride.

Due to injury, Zac Lee was mainly due to the No. 3 spot.

With Martinez, Green had to carry the load time, especially against Iowa State and Colorado.

Green easily played the best game of his career in the Cornhuskers’ final meeting of the Big 12 with buffaloes.

Always showing a step slow at first a little and mechanical issues, it’s a miracle if Green can not find a position switch in the offseason.

If not, some heavy coaching by the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Shawn Watson may be in the cards.

Season Stats:

Receiving: 39 catches for 515 yards and 1 TD

Kick returns: 19 returns for 464 yards and 1 TD (100-meter long)

punt returns: 14 returns for 160 yards

If you have said Nebraska fans that Paul was even considered for the middle of the performance review pack before the 2010 season, they may have laughed.

Nobody laughed now, especially not Paul.

High expectations and poor ball control led to a disappointing season.

While putting up at least half of what it might expected in terms of film reception, Paul does not do a job just return kicks.

Paul has a little natural talent, so while he may not be the first day NFL draft would make it much thought, he will probably get taken to see what he can do.

Season Stats: 46 TKL (15 solo), 4 TFL, 3.5 SCK, 2 PBU, 4 QBH, 1 FF, 1 FR

Jared Crick slid over to make room for Baker and the results are encouraging.

While Steinkuhler has yet to live up to the hype coming out of high school, he played as well as sophomore and paved the way for a potential breakthrough junior year.

He was suspended for the holidays Bowl 2010 after being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Steinkuhler was sentenced to pay a fine and sentenced to nine months probation.

Season Stats: 86 kickoffs for 5,896 yards (68.6 YPK), 39 TB (54% of all kickoffs)

The student section held its shoes to the sky when Adi Kunalic took the field.

Kunalic goal has always been the same: a touchback nails.

He did more than half the time, making back some of the nation’s top kick unnecessary.

Kunalic was a pretty sweet concert during his stay in Nebraska.

Introduce yourself, touchback suddenly have a seat.

Game in and out of play, his scholarship has been established on each well deserved kick in full swing.

Season Stats: 64 TKL (34 solo), 8 TFL, 1.5 SCK, 1 PBU, 10 QBH

Nebraska defensive end does not seem to have as much freedom as they did in 2009, but they always managed to do some damage.

Meredith is a terror in opposing backfields, allowing linemen and linebackers inside to make passes when the pocket broke down.

He continues to refine his skills and will likely once again entered his junior season.

Season Stats: 65 TKL (25 solo), 11 TFL, 3.5 SCK, 2 PBU, 12 QBH, 1 FF, 1 FR

Allen, Sr. was a wild beginning of the 2010 season, but responded to all criticism violently.

As the year progressed, Allen, Sr. stepped up his game, bully opposing offensive linemen and backfields face Cameron Meredith.

He will attend the East-West Shrine game on Jan. 22 to showcase his skills to NFL scouts.

Look for Allen, Sr. to be a choice second day and the potential to steal for some lucky NFL team.

Season Stats: 99 TKL (51 solo), 4 TFL, 1 SCK, 3 INT, 7 PBU, 1 QBH, 2 FF, 1 FR

Dejon Gomes proved itself in 2009 as an executor for the Nebraska secondary.

What could he do to a point in his senior season for the Cornhuskers?

It triggered a physicality that has become the cornerstone of one of the secondary creation of the nation.

Gomes nature makes him an excellent addition to the speed and power of the cornerback from Nebraska.

He roamed the defensive backfield, the transition from one position to another with ease.

Season Stats: 30 TKL (18 solo), 4 INT, 7 PBU, 1 QBH, 1 FF

Perhaps the most physical defensive back on the list of Nebraska, Alfonzo Dennard quarts regret is throwing at him and the receivers shutter at the thought of lining up against him.

His ability to jam receivers so the line of scrimmage helped disrupt almost every passing play Nebraska fell.

Dennard also handpicked telegraphed pass and muscled his way into the heart of Cornhusker fans across the country.

Because of his playing ruthless Huskers everywhere fear that dominant defensive back would pro.

Fortunately for them, he will be back to lend his veteran leadership and physicality of Nebraska secondary again in 2011.

Big Ten offenses should take note: Dennard is not satisfied with its output current.

“I have a lot of work to do, he told the Omaha World-Herald. “Next year I will work hard in the spring and try to be the best corner there.”

Season Stats: 59 TKL (36 solo), 1 TFL, 1 SCK, 13 PBU

Amukamara will probably be the first or second defensive back taken in the 2011 draft NFL, depending on how the cornerback combine grades shake.

How did he slip to No. 8?

Firstly, those in front of him and had outstanding seasons.

Secondly, nobody has dared to throw the deadly Amukamara.

The receiver only one who seemed to have much success against him was Biletnikoff winner Justin Blackmon.

According to team needs, do not expect to last Amukamara passed the peak of 13 NFL draft.

If anyone does take it, the Detroit Lions.

Season Stats: 49 TKL (39 solo), 3 TFL, 1 SCK, 5 INT, 4 PBU, 2 QBH, 1 FF, 1 FR

All eyes were on Prince Amukamara, which may have allowed Eric to slip under the radar in Hagg and after the best season of any defensive back Nebraska.

Nebraska defender hybrid Peso new look in 2010, Hagg played the role of a linebacker / safety and was more than qualified for the position.

Hagg has also returned a punt for a school-record 95 yards for a score against Texas.

Thank you to a fantastic year senior, Hagg look at a first day selection in the NFL draft.

Season Stats: 70 TKL (36 solo), 17 TFL, 9.5 SCK, 2 PBU, 10 QBH, 1 FF

Crick could take over for Ndamukong Suh?

Junior defensive side had the burden of this task on their shoulders in 2010.

He did his best to equal the production of his former ally quarterback crash.

Although statistics have not been reproduced Suh, Crick had a special season still, nearly matching the numbers he had with using the current Detroit Lion.

With Dennard, Crick was another veteran that Cornhusker fans were hoping the return of his senior season.

The mammoth defensive front forced.

“Playing for Coach Pelin Nebraska is a great opportunity and I look forward to continuing in 2011,” Crick told the Lincoln Journal Star on Tuesday.

“I hope I’ll have the chance to play professionally in the future, but my right now focuses on the beginning of winter semester and early conditioning next week.”

Season Stats:

Passing: 116-for-196, 1631 yards, 10 TD, 7 INT

Rushing: 162 carries for 965 yards (6.0 YPC), 12 TD

To say that 2010 has been chaotic for Taylor “T-Magic” Martinez would be an understatement.

An ankle injury in Nebraska’s final Big 12 game against Missouri would ensure it would not be able to regain its ability to cut quickly to the rest of the season.

A media darling at the beginning of the season, tension mounted before things really soured in College Station.

verbal Martinez, and on national television, dressing by head coach Bo Pelin led to rumors of a transfer crawling, which were quickly put to rest.

other injuries, having stepped on his foot accidentally by center Mike Caputo does not help matters.

While Martinez had a rough second half of the season, his talent is indisputable.

He returned in 2011 as the clear front-runner for the starting role from entering the spring.

Season Stats:

Rushing: 172 carries for 951 yards (5.5 YPC), 7 TD

Receiving: 15 catches for 148 yards (9.9 YPR)

Passing: 3-of-4 for 35 yards, 3 TDs

The very definition of a “do-it-all back,” Burkhead intervene when an injury prevented quarters of Nebraska.

It was at the head of a crime based largely on the Wildcat formation, where he and fellow running back Roy Helu, Jr. pummeled opposing defenses.

Although not a true fighter, Burkhead provided Nebraska with the possibility of moving the stack a bit more Helu, Jr.

It seemed that when he ran, Burkhead still managed to gain a yard or two.

He enters 2011 as the only product known at running back.

Season Stats:

Field Goals: 18-19, long of 53

Punting: 69 punts for 2982 yards (43.2 YPP), 26 inside the 20, 5 TB

Alex Henery spoiled the Nebraska Cornhuskers, coaches and fans.

Since he stepped on the field and achieve a field of 57 yards against Colorado in 2008, his accomplishments were legendary.

The most accurate kicker in a career in the history of FBS, Henery cemented his legacy as the best kicker in football history by becoming the Nebraska all-time leading scorer in school in 2010.

Cornhusker fans will be fond memories of ice that flowed in the veins Henery when it came out on the ground for the attempts of the court over 40.

It was as if he himself challenged to a game of upmanship.

Some lucky NFL franchise will save himself a place with a talent file proved both kicker and punter positions.

Season Stats: 152 tackles (84 solo), 15 TFL, 6 SCK, 10 PBU, 7 QBH

When Sean Fisher and Will Compton went down in the camp of the fall, Lavonte David has no choice.

He had to step and become a leader immediately.

David not only met this challenge, he set a single-season record for tackles in doing so.

The 2010 Big 12 Defensive Newcomer of the Year himself plunged into the spotlight and backfields opposing a single handily solidification second level of the Nebraska defense.

Once Compton returned to the field, it was too far behind the eight ball to go David.

Fisher and Compton back in 2011, but they have work for them if they want to topple No. 4 of its starting place.

Season Stats:

Rushing: 188 for 1,245 yards caries (6.5 YPC), 11 TD

Reception: 5 catches for 46 yards (9.2 YPR)

Roy Helu, Jr. had a record year in which he became the first Cornhusker to have back-to-back 1,000-yard rushing seasons since Calvin Jones 1992-1993.

He gave each team a plan to defeat the Tigers of Missouri after rushing for a school-record 307 yards a game.

Helu, Jr. is not necessarily a return that can take a pounding during a game, but with good blocking, which is not even an issue.

He showed off his amazing speed, speed and vision, turning corners with cuts, often resulting in long touchdown short.

Helu, Jr. is currently projected as a second-day by CBSSports.com.

If he shows he can remain sustainable through the workouts in the playoffs, he may very well slip into the opening laps.

Do not let you down offseason. Football news, recruiting updates and general merriment await! Follow Brandon on all the goodness of the latest football and other generals.

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CRA-Year earns accreditation of four



The Arc of Moore County has received four-year accreditation by the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL).

The announcement ends a seven-month process for The Arc of Moore County and confirms that the vision of the organization shares CQL for the solutions of the individual “to improve the quality of life of disabled and ill persons mental, general manager Wendy Russell.

“The Arc of Moore County is very proud to have obtained the approval of CQL” Russell said.”While we believe that we have provided quality person and family-oriented services to those whose lives are affected by intellectual disabilities, CQL has given us to reach new heights in how we support people in community to have full, more rewarding life possible. We are very pleased to be on this journey with CQL for many years to come. ”

James F. Gardner, president and CEO of CQL, stated: “CQL welcomes The Arc of Moore County> for its success in increasing the quality of life for the people it supports.” CQL accreditation signifies excellence in organizational promoting a shared vision of community participation and quality of life for all. ”

The accreditation received by The Arc of Moore County meets the new standards announced by CQL in May 2005 under the “Quality Measures 2005.” The new support strategies that enable service providers to develop an integrated system of quality management, according to a news release.

The Quality Measures 2005 represent a major breakthrough in how organizations can assess their own effectiveness in providing quality support for people with disabilities and people with mental illness.

Quality measures in 2005 to combine several of CQL’s existing innovative practices of quality management into one core document that provides a blueprint for moving an organization forward. They require service providers to integrate the assets of the social environment where they are based – an approach called CQL of community life.

The Arc is a private non-profit affiliate of the Arc of the United States and The Arc of North Carolina.

A partner agency United Way, The Arc provides advocacy services and support to people with disabilities and development and their families in an area eight counties in the region of dunes.

Incorporated in 1977, The Arc began offering respite to families in 1985 and today offers a range of services to include respite care, family support through its first program for families, employers registration services, education and information.

Based in Towson, Maryland, CQL is an international nonprofit dedicated to defining, measuring and improving the quality of personal and community life for people with disabilities and people with mental illness.


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